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air conditioner quick fix guide

Air Conditioner Quick Fixes

Air conditioner quick fixes are very common in the industry. Home-owners often replace their air conditioners prematurely, without properly evaluating what could be wrong with their air conditioner. In this article we will take you through three common problems and how to troubleshoot or fix these problems.

Problem #1: There is a water leak.

Quick Fix: Ensure that the drain line isn’t clogged.

Problem #2: Unit constantly cycles ON and OFF.

Quick Fix: Get the condenser, evaporator unit and fan cleaned. If none of these work, call a professional and have them check the thermostat.

Problem #3: The Air conditioner doesn’t cool the room enough.

Quick Fix: Clear plants/debris near the condenser for air flow. Clean or replace the air filter. Create shade for the unit. Replace the worn out insulation on the refrigerant line.

These air conditioner quick fixes will save you a lot of time and money on your current unit and prevent you from making the mistake of replacing a air conditioner unit that still works and that could work for a long time.

Thinking of replacing your old air conditioner?

If any of these air conditioner quick fixes don’t provide you with more information, we have a article that covers the topic in more detail. Alternatively, you can read one of our favorite articles on this topic by AHS.


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