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Welcome to Velocity Air, your number one air conditioner unit distributor. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Air Conditioning units, with a focus on dependability, integrity, customer service and uniqueness with wholesale prices directly to the public.

Founded in just over a year ago we have come a long way from its beginnings. We have reserved our position as a reliable and trustworthy service provider because of our commitment to customer service. We strive to provide you the best value for money from the leading manufacturers in the air conditioning industry.

We offer high quality installations of residential and commercial air conditioning units with the use of specialized equipment and fine materials, at a low cost. 

Velocity Air provides unbeatable prices that are coupled with the highest quality service to all our clients in Gauteng. We offer an unrivaled 5-year warranty on the compressors and 2-year warranty on all other spare parts.

We will help you cool or heat any size space from a small bedroom to an entire office building. Our air conditioners are 100% environmentally friendly, quiet and reliable. Trying to cool a classroom? A bar or a server room? We’re here for you.

SHOP NOW or CALL US and we’ll be happy to assist you.

The smarter, cleaner way of heating and cooling your home.

Velocity Air E-Cool Range

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air conditioner blog
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