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We work on both large and small air conditioning installations, Service & Repair all over South Africa. All our installers are all fully qualified, experienced, and treat your property with the utmost care and attention. Our expert team of installers have a wealth of technical knowledge to make sure that your air conditioning unit is fitted correctly, neatly and tidily.

Installations Includes the following

  • 3m pipe for back to back installation.
  • 1 x set of outdoor brackets.
  • Signal cables that run from the indoor unit to the external unit.
  • 1m power cable supplied with a 3 pin plug.
  • 20mm conduit drainpipe to disperse the water from the unit.
  • We provide the labour needed to completely install your air conditioner.
  • We will test, and provide user training to our client upon completion.

Installation time

  • Average installation time is 2 hours depending on the on the structure of the wall.
  • Placement of the units is determined by the installer on site.
  • Installation will be carried within a 2-7 day period after payment is received due to the demand for our product.

Standard back to back installation rates

  •   Fixed rates on installation of R1600.00 including vat apply only to standard back to back installations. In a long copper pipe run we will notify you and charge you accordingly prior to work been done.
  •  All 24000btu units  and above require their own circuit breaker and isolator switch at an additional cost of R950.00 if quoted. For units 24000btu and below if the client requires the isolator switch and circuit break he same rate of R950.00 will apply.

Standard pricing for additional materials that may be needed due to the positioning of your Air conditioner unit will be advised to the client before we commence the installation.

  • Additional electrical cable is supplied at R15/meter.
  • Additional PVC drainage pipe is supplied at R22.00/meter.
  •  Additional communication cable is supplied at R25.00/meter.
  • Additional piping is supplied at R195/meter.
  • Additional trunking(100×140) is supplied at R45/meter.
  • Additional brackets is supplied at R220.00.

Service and Maintenance

Service and maintenance of residential units(mid-wall split) costs R600 and R800 for commercial units(cassette, under ceiling units etc.) Here are a few things that are typically checked or replaced in a standard service.

  • Checking the refrigerant change(gas top up).
  • Checking and cleaning evaporative surfaces and drainage lines.
  • Checking fan motors, blades, bearings, electrical connections, controls, air filters and grills.

Kindly note that all services performed must be recorded with invoice on your service passport for the support of any warranty claim.


A call out fee of R500.00 will be applicable, which includes the first hour of fault finding, we will bill you R150.00 per hour. This excludes the price of replacement parts that may be required.


Additional delivery charges apply to distances more than 50km in radius.

We work as neat a possible and will make every effort to clean all marks off the walls and fill holes were necessary that were caused in the process of installation. We will not be held liable for any re painting.

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