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inverter vs non-inverter air conditioners

The difference between Inverter & Non-Inverter air conditioner units.

The African summer is approaching and with it, great outdoor activities, fun, games and the scorching heat that can sometimes have us feeling fatigued and under the weather. Air conditioners are fast becoming a necessity.

In this time, having an air conditioner is far from luxury but a must and choosing the right unit is essential for keeping your place cool and comfortable so be sure to read our air conditioner buying guide to help you through the process of buying the right unit for your home or place of business.

Two types of air conditioners dominate the market today. Inverter and non-inverter air conditioner units. It’s important to know the different types of air conditioners to be able to choose the one suitable for your home.

Today, we’ll be breaking down the difference between these two types of air conditioners and explain what sets them apart.

Inverter air conditioners have a controlled compressor motor while non-inverter units have a default compressor and are generally less expensive and very common. Many other factors set these two units apart, such as functionality and built-in features.

The compressor in an inverter unit increases and decreases the required output to heat or cool the designated area compared to a non-inverter compressor that will only operate at full capacity or not run at all.

Inverters are more efficient due to the controlled compressor that adjusts to the preset room temperature thanks to the thermostat sensors that will read your room temperature and let the compressor take care of the rest whereas a non-inverter compressor will run at full speed and keep your room temperature cool or warm for as long as it remains on.

As far as costs, non-inverter air conditioners are cheaper as they are less advanced compared to the inverter unit. This is where the non-inverter comes on top, price. Installing an inverter unit is also much more expensive compared to a non-inverter but not here at Velocity Air. We will install any of our E-cool units at the same price.

So which type of air conditioner should you choose? It all depends on your budget and needs. Both of these air conditioners are very efficient and practical to use for any kind of situation. We obviously prefer the inverter as it saves more energy when you’re out of the house but if you’re just looking to cool your home or office without the added fuss. Try out our E-Cool Non-inverter unit. Browse through our shop and see if you will find a unit that will suit your cooling needs.


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